Inventory Acquisition and Custom Ordering

Our sales reps can assist you with your current or future new vehicle inventory needs by helping you purchase additional stock inventory to meet monthly goals or help grow your business. We can source new inventory in bulk orders or even single pieces for individual retail customers. Any thing from needing 50+ Silverados for truck month or needing a specific Convertible for a picky customer, we can help. We have proven and successful relationships with 1000's of dealerships accross the US. 


Wholesale or Inventory Liquidation

We can help you liquidate or wholesale inventory to other dealerships that are actively buying or stocking up on specific models. Our dealership marketplace software and experienced sales reps will work to get you market tested prices for normal stock units or we can secure premium pricing for specific and well built launch vehicles or those on constraint.


Cash Flow and Floor Plan Assistance

We can move aging or surplus inventory to help with cash flow to help cover business expenses or to help lower your floor plan utilization and interest payments. We can have payment in your hands within 24 hours and we can connect with your business office and sometimes coordinate with your bank/floorplan reps.